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Ngreth Thergn
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Default What does ___ mean?

More definitions will be put in place as time goes on, but here's a quick sampling of some terms in common use on these boards:

nerf: when a part of the game is changed in a way that players do not like. (Increasing the weight of large sewing kits was considered to be a "nerf" by many.) This term was originally used for extreme problems, such as for changes that made a class, tradeskill, etc. unusable. Due to term popularity, it is now used for any perceived detrimental change in any aspect of the game.

troll: when mentioned in reference to the message boards, a troublemaker. Someone that is wreaking havoc, causing arguments, spewing garbage, or otherwise trying to cause a mess in our tradeskill community. Such troublemakers aren't welcome here, and folks found causing trouble can/may be banned from posting on the message boards without warning.
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