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Default So You Want to Be An Artisan...

Q: How do I start crafting? Where's the forge?
A: There have been quite a few changes since the inception of this FAQ, including the splitting of the Isle of Refuge plus reworking of the societies. I would encourage everyone to review the guides at the following links:
EQ2TC's How To Section
The Tradeskill Guide Submission Forum

Q: Ack! I didn't start crafting on the Isle! Can I still craft?
A: It doesn't matter when you start, but your start may not be the same. Check out the links above for the information you seek!

Q: Whoa! Society? Wholesaler? "Dungeons"?
A: Check out this page for a list! You'll have to locate these in game though, so you might want to check out the in game way points!

This has really changed since the inception of the game, but they're great terms to know!

Q: I left the Isle and it says I am a level 1 artisan. How do I get my recipes?
A: If you are one of the bugged folks "stuck" at level 1 after leaving the Isle, visit your wholesaler society and /hail the NPC behind the counter to gain your first tradeskill level and receive your first recipes. (If this doesn't work, try the merchant at the bottom of the stairs.)

Q: So, where are my recipes listed?
A: In your Recipe Book! You'll find it under the EQII button, or just press 'N'.

Duplicated here from the Mechanics Section:
Q: Where do I go to choose my level 10 artisan class? My level 20?
Q: I have reached level 9 and 100% but I keep getting the message
"You must complete your class quest before you can obtain level 10".
What's going on? How is this quest started?
Q: Where are the trainers?
A: For both your level 10 and your level 20 crafting choice, hail the nearest NPC that has the <Crafting Trainer> tag. These can be found outside of the residential tradeskill instances in Qeynos and Freeport, as well as outside Tunare's Pages in Kelethin.

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