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Default Oh wonderful goddess of crafting delights....


Yes, I'm going with flattery in hopes that my prayers will be answered.. I know you're probably SUPER busy, but I have just a little request. I was going through the furniture pages to compare some rugs before crafting them and noticed that none of the Erollisi day craftables show up on that page and the only way to get to them is to search through the News Archive. I didn't check the other holiday stuff but I was hoping that you could add the holiday stuff into their categories (at best) or if that's just an insane amount of work, would it be possible to add links to the most recent holiday pages so they are easier to find. It would be HUGELY appreciated.


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Well, that project is on the stack. So is a complete revamp of the furniture pages to make everything easier to find. It's a *huge* project, so it is taking time. I'll leave it to Mum to figure out if smaller improvements like your request can be managed sooner. Flattery probably won't make it happen any faster, but don't let that stop you.
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Niami DenMother
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Right now, the links you want are on the Events tab on the main site's left menubar.

Integrating crafted event furniture into the furniture pages has been on my "things to do when I get more spoons" pile for many months, but all these back-to-back events have taken too much out of me.

"Huge" is massively understating the project to get all of the E-Day, Bristlebane Day, Brewday, NoTD, Frostfell and Tinkerfest items onto the appropriate furniture pages, especially since anything that touches images on the site can't be done with a WYSIWYG editor. I have to work with raw code, and it gets ugly fast when juggling from multiple event pages to multiple furniture pages. I need a solid chunk of time where there's absolutely nothing else going on, because it really needs to be done in one "swell foop" in order to be sure I don't miss anything.

Unless SOE has something more up their sleeves that I don't know about, once GU63 is out the door in mid-April, and there's more sunshine to bake my achey joints, I should have enough recovery time before Tinkerfest and the next GU that I can tackle this. Don't count on it sooner than the start of May, though, unless some small miracle happens. I'm running perilously short of "oomph", and if I manage to get any to spare, it is focused on trying to chase a few more issues around on GU63 while it is still on Test.

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